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Breakout Sessions

These programs may be used independently, or as a coordinated presentation. They work well as an event wrap-up, or as a specially focused, training session. For more information regarding this on-site powerful training series - just email Jeff!

Doin' the Creativity Cha-Cha
Cut loose a little bit! Creativity isn't stifled by a business suit or routine tasks. You can make your own creative 'interlude' any time and any place...and you can make that interlude work for you.
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Keeping Your 9 to 5 Sanity
Making a living is a serious business. Unfortunately, too many people take that seriousness to heart. They let is affect their health, their outlook on life, their creativity.
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Effective Goal Setting
Planning is the foundation for achievement--there's no way around it. From the smallest decision to the most complex commitment, if you don't know what your goals and objectives are, you're 'flying blind.'
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Stop Hearing... Start Listening
Do you know what you're missing? If you don't listen to the people around you, important clues about your job, your family and your personal achievement will go right by you.
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Power Speak
You can speak in front of people-all it takes is a little planning and a willingness to grow as a person. You're probably never going to get rid of the nervousness, the anticipation... but that's good!
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Let Integrity Be Your Guide
Everybody has that inner voice. To increase integrity, we have to change that voice from a whisper to a shout.
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Relating to Young People
Adults sometimes forget that trust is an important part of communicating with children... especially in difficult or emergency situations.
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