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Six Personality Traits

Make that first minute count

"The first five minutes of your day may be the most important of the entire 1,440. They're critical for programming your mind for success. Remember, whatever you program your subconscious mind to perceive, the conscious mind will try to achieve."

"You can make every day a self-fulfilling prophecy. You can control your own destiny. Here's a simple way to get started: For the next 21 days, start your morning by waking to your favorite poem, prayer, or inspirational reading. All you have to do is record three minutes of your favorite positive message, then plug your tape recorder into an automatic timer that's set for your usual wake-up time. After you're awakened by positive, meaningful sound waves (a big improvement over the intrusive buzzing of an alarm clock), use positive, constructive thoughts to think for a few minutes about what you want to accomplish in the next 24 hours."

"Use the first couple minutes of your day to make a difference in your life!"

Creating the power of enthusiasm!
Enthusiasm is focused energy!

"Enthusiasm is controlled excitement. It's your zest for life, the way you celebraterather than deliberate your existence. Enthusiasm is a controlled emotional state that connects the logic of your mind...with the sensitivity of the create a productive, win/win outcome."

"You can generate more enthusiasm 'self energy' by using a simple E+O=R formula to handle situations. E is the external situation to be resolved and it involves questions such as 'Who are the people involved?' or 'What environment is this happening in?' The O represents the ideal outcome. Pick the outcome you want and let it dictate what your actions should be in the R part of the equation, which stands for response. Response is the activity or plan you'll need to accomplish the outcome you want. It's simple: The external situation plus the outcome dictates what your response should be."
"Reduce your stress and increase your energy by using the E+O=R equation often. You can put it on little 'sticky notes' and post them around your work station, car, or home. It's a little reminder that can make a big difference!"

Defining the term - SUCCESS!
Succes today... and every day

"Success is gained on a daily basis - a successful life is nothing more than a succession of successful days. You can concentrate on the successes of your day simply by paying attention to them! Here's how: For the next 21 days, just before you go to bed, go into the bathroom and splash a little warm water on your face. Pat if off with a soft cotton towel. Then look closely into the bathroom mirror and ask yourself if you like the 'direction of the reflection.' It's a simple question to ask, but a difficult one to answer. Try."

"As you answer, focus on the positive elements of your life. Don't simply acknowledge that you and your reflection are in agreement--talk to yourself! State out loud the attributes that give you a good feeling. Use those positive elements to fuel you towards your destination or goal. Each time you do this exercise, you validate what you accomplished in the day and program your mind for the next five minutes of your tomorrow."

"One successful day really does lead to the next!"

Make 'I can' into ' will'

"You can change the fears and anxieties of life into personal power and life achievements! Use the power of believing--your 'I will' thought pattern--to overwhelm your fear of failure and exercise your will to succeed. Develop that ability to say 'Yes, I believe what I accomplish today will help me accomplish my life' and short-term frustrations become minor hurdles on your path to success."

"You see, fear grows out of failing. No matter how big or small the job is, every time you let yourself down, that failure gives fear the energy to defeat your next dream, desire, or goal. A pro-active person understands that conviction and belief drive action. It's what pushes you--successfully--through the frustrations that confront you on a daily basis. You must believe to achieve."

Thinking and Dreaming Big!
To succeed, expect good things

"To reach your potential on a daily basis, learn to think big. If you can teach yourself to expect great things and commit to making them happen, the rewards will follow."

"Look around your office, your living room. Think about the people involved in creating, manufacturing, or marketing the computers, televisions, and all the rest of the technological marvels of our world. Each of these items was, once, just somebody's daydream...but a daydream that was acted upon. A goal was set and plans were made and enthusiasm was put to work. A dream is nothing more than a goal under construction!"

If you fall short of a goal, don't look at it as a failure. Look at it as being one step closer to finding a way to attain your goal. Remember, you will seldom accomplish more than you set out to do--it's up to you to expect good things out of life andyourself!"

Accepting and challenging risk
Risk is part of the challenge

"Risk taking is the most important step in your climb to the pinnacle of life. Too often, people see risks as the challenge. Risk scares them. It's up to you to challenge that fear!"

"When you accept the limits risk puts on you, when you stop challenging risk, you set a ceiling for yourself and accept the ruts in life that you've built for yourself. You create a safe, less-than-you-really-want comfort zone. Be honest--is that the way you want to live?"

"You can challenge risk. When you're faced with one, ask yourself if you really want to overcome it. Ask yourself these questions:

• What is the worst thing that could happen?
• Who would benefit from this? How many win/win situations does it contain?
• Is this important to my life plan?

"These questions will help you decide how much commitment power you're going to use to overcome risk. They will help you start the process of planning to succeed. Don't let risk or any other obstacle in your life challenge you. Take charge! You challenge them!"