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Jeffrey B. McMullen

Jeffrey B. McMullen offers a proven record of meeting objectives for his clients!

As an author and veteran speaker, trainer, seminar leader and entertainer, Jeffrey's dynamic style and unusually strong impact reach audiences ranging from top corporate executives to health care professionals... ego-driven sales representatives to "line employees." For more than 10 years, he's brought his wealth of business and entertainment experience to audiences from all walks of life.

Jeffrey believes in working with event planners to create the optimum program for their needs. Business today won't tolerate anything that's not flexible and results driven - that's why Jeffrey's programs offer built-in opportunities for customization that his clients have come to appreciate and rely upon.

Jeffrey is known for "being there" for his clients. Often he is the "pinch hitter" who steps in when an event planner is facing an emergency situation. In some cases, he's provided two different keynote presentations at a single event, when clients were faced with unexpected, very visible holes in the event agenda. Jeffrey is committed to client service.

Jeffrey B. McMullen is the author of Just In Time... Just Isn't Enough!

Jeff McMullen's Personal Biography

Jeffrey B. McMullen is one of the country's leading speakers, with more than 10 years of experience in motivating people to tap the creativity and potential within them. From boardroom to podium, classroom to stage, his talent, professionalism and outstanding delivery have put him in demand for widely diverse events and business programming.

His work ranges from traditional speaking programs to highly focused training events. He has a rich background in working with business on specialty programs such as product introductions or high-visibility sales initiatives.

Jeffrey is the author of Just In Time... Just Isn't Enough! His work has also appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work. Jeffrey has a bachelor's degree in radio/television/film, and a master's degree with a speech/theatre emphasis. Jeffrey has also served as an associate professor of public speaking in the University of Wisconsin system and has led college-level classes on physical humor and performance.

He is a graduate of the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus Clown College and, in his earlier days, even performed nationally with the circus. Jeffrey also has represented McDonald's restaurants as part of its personality-based marketing programs. His work earned national recognition and was directly responsible for significant business gains in his assigned region.

In 1989, he was asked to serve as an instructor/curriculum developer for the Clown College's history-making founding session in Japan. In 1991, he became the star performer and Director of Western Entertainment at Reoma World, in Southern Japan.

Today, Jeffrey "puts on the greasepaint" only to perform with some of America's finest symphony orchestras in special family programs, or in his role as a staff instructor at special events such as the annual, nationally known Clown Camp at La Crosse, Wisconsin.