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Customization - Going the Extra Mile

Program customization is what drives home the message of your special presentation.

At The McMullen Group, we work hand in hand with you to make sure your proposed presentation meets objectives and our quality standards.

We offer a variety of stock programs assembled in a modular format. This way, we can create content that blends your professional "jargon" with specific program themes. It adds flexibility to program length and allows breakout sessions to have continuity.

Once a client and The McMullen Group agree on focus points, the client's work is over--but our work begins. We do our best to become familiar with your industry. If that means visiting a manufacturing plant for a day or two, attending planning meetings, conducting a preprogram survey of attendees or becoming a secret shopper, we will learn as much about your industry as we can.

We often request past newsletters, old trade magazines, flyers and other reference materials. All of it is read carefully and some elements are entered into an industry file or data base. This is an important activity, an extra step that gives the presentation added warmth and acceptability. The presentation gains depth that audiences react to--audiences quickly realize that this is not just another "canned program," but rather a presentation by someone who has an understanding of their industry.

The McMullen Group recently completed a successful project with the management team of a shopping mall in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Our client faced several unique situations in planning a 1993 merchant campaign around the theme "Outer Space."

This theme, developed by an advertising agency, featured several components. The agency called on The McMullen Group to convert this concept into a motivational/customer service-based keynote program which tied the theme to special games and contests planned for the sales year.

To begin the project, the agency organized the merchants (by store location) into seven groups and named each group after a constellation. Then it was up to us to create a presentation based on our "Living life at the Pinnacle" program, which focuses on six proactive personality traits.

Through meetings with the ad agency and mall management team, we expanded the standard Pinnacle program to seven points and added segments from some of our other programs, including the creativity them from "Doin' the Creativity Cha- Cha," and comments about customer service values from "Let Integrity Be Your Guide."

This effort was titled: "Be The Brightest Star - Soar to Success!" It combined ideas about personal self worth, sales/commercial success and the energy of a new marketing emphasis.

Here are some of the comments and feedback from the presentation of "Be The Brightest Star - Soar to Success!"

From participants: "Finally, a message that I can implement into my life." and "When can we have him back!"
From the agency: "It was a real pleasure working with Jeffrey. His customization efforts made the difference."
From the mall management team: "Jeffrey mixed solid communication with motivational information. This unique concoction served up a banquet of stimulating ideas and renewed energy.!"

It is attention to detail and "going the extra mile" which makes a presentation meaningful for participants.

The term "customization" does not necessarily mean writing a completely new program every time. Customization involves combining our efforts and using relevant industry information to format a program that achieves your objectives. This extra step (or steps, in many situations) is a service we provide to every client at no extra charge.