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Keynote Programs

Whose Life Are You Leading, Anyway?
Humor, creativity and your work life

This creative and energizing 60-90 minute keynote or half/full day motivational program focuses on the very real and practical benefits of humor in life! Participants will learn to identify and overcome some common barriers to creativity, unleashing the positive power of humor in their lives. This is a great session to jump start any organization that is going through change, a merger or starting a new project. This session is also one of Jeffrey most popular in-service programs in the educational market.

Living Life at the Pinnacle
Proactivity is productivity

An inspiring, entertaining and energizing 60-90 minute keynote or half/full day motivational program involving much audience participation! This presentation covers proactive traits such as positive attitude, enthusiasm, success, the power of believing, thinking big and positive risk-taking.

Center Ring Excellence
The three-ring circus as a leadership lab

This surprising, fast-paced multimedia presentation is available in a 60-minute keynote or half/full day motivational program. The audience is part of the show as excellence is discussed in terms such as leadership, teamwork, results and performance. If you stop and think about it... the circus is perhaps the best example of work place diversity in the world... and they have been doing it for hundreds of years! This program is most effective with middle and upper managers, as well as any organization dealing with issues of diversity. Center Ring Excellence looks at diversity issues form a fresh, non-offensive and real life perspective.

Connecting Potentials
Bringing diverse personality types together for shared success

By identifying different learning and communication styles and implementing personal strategies to increase effective communication, this 45-90 minute seminar helps participants understand healthy ways of communicating with diverse personality types in their professional and personal lives!

All keynotes may also be presented as seminars. For more information on any of the programs, email The McMullen Group at


Changing Your Perspective
How to survive and thrive in a change environment

This 45-90 minute seminar helps the audience understand the natural difficulty and resistance that often comes with change. Participants will identify four critical "internal powers" they can control and implement to overcome personal and professional resistance to change.

Stop Hearing, Start Listening
Taking in information productively

Learn the difference between just merely hearing and true, attentive listening! In this 45-90 minute seminar, participants will identify four critical listening tools and implement strategies to overcome barriers to effective communication.