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The Ultimate Samurai Experience™

Jeff McMullenThe Ultimate Samurai Experience is unmatched in generating team results! Bottom line... Team collaboration is a function of willingness by its participants.

The Ultimate Samurai Experience is designed to foster the necessary individual characteristics which leads to high power cross functional work teams regardless of professional field. Truth is... leadership is leadership! Success is success! And Excellence is excellence regardless of situation or context. Once the human mind is opened to receive positive stimuli the results of a collaborative team are very powerful... how can this happen... by understanding one basic principal... Each of our individual successes is based in our collective efforts.

The difference between an effective, productive team and a group of employees working on a project, is a mix of important leadership qualities including trust, focus, creativity, determination, humility, vision, and a respect but not resistance to fear.

The Ultimate Samurai Experience is a team building experience which inspires, and challenges each member to achieve his or her personal best... which is the foundation for group success.

Customized Team Building

Team building with The Ultimate Samurai Experience - is a highly customized process. It is important that any teambuilding training be designed to address the specific needs and objectives of your group. After talking with you about your group and your organization, we will propose a program to achieve your desired results.

The focus of the teambuilding may include:

• Developing new relationships
• Breaking down communicational barriers
• Resolving "Turf Wars"
• Focusing on clear objectives and timelines
• Understanding personality types / Myers Briggs
• Achieving without blame
• Developing trust among team members
• Providing positive feedback

Half Day & Full Day Experience Opportunities

The Ultimate Samurai Experience is designed to be specific to your organizational needs. The success of this experience is based on the carefully blended agenda of lecture and hands-on participative learning. No two sessions are ever alike. The blending of the agenda will be crafted between our creative staff and your leadership team.

Learning Objectives:

• Foster collaborative team solutions
• Achieve goals which seem unattainable
• Develop respect for each team member
• Discover the enjoyment factor of group success
• Effective listening and learning styles
• Calculate positive risk taking

The "Cutting Edge" Experience™

The Cutting Edge Experience allows each participant to use a "live sword" to cut a tatami mat. Each participant will learn how the "right technique" allows the impossible to be possible - through proper training, proper tools, and confidence... all the same tools needed to accomplish any goal.

The "Board Break" Experience™

Break through a solid wooden board with your bare hands. Participants ranging from age 6 to age 93 have successfully accomplished this metaphorical "break through" process. Your team will learn that there is no barrier to unlimited success with the right tools and focus.


How we produce results for you!

Much as a swordsmith forges individual pieces of steal into a beautiful, highly efficient solid blade... the process is not easy. In fact for much of the forging process... the steal does not resemble a sword blade at all. However... through heating, forging, cooling, polishing and patience…the swordsmith can hone the individual pieces of steal into a magnificent, efficient blade which endures time.

The finished product is not accomplished solely by one. There are many craftsmen required to create a sword.

The Smith... forges the raw metal in a sword
The Polisher... responsible for the famous edge
The Woodcarver... creates the scabbard
The Jeweller... crafts the habaki (creates the balance of the sword)
Other craftsmen... supply the detailed finishings

The smith of your team is your team leader. He/she is the one who is responsible for taking the teams raw talents and blending them in to one cohesive unit.

The rest of the team members are responsible for specific elements of the goal. Much as the swordsmith can not create the sword by himself... neither can the teamsmith. Whether crafting a sword, or selling more product... the result lies in the team.

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