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Creativity Conditioners

Creativity is the lifeline to stress management. It is the relearning or reconditioning of our thought pattern which allows us to view a negative situation as positive. This is not a simple task. It has taken years to develop the habits and values which currently dictate your perception.

To discover the incredible power of creativity's perception changing power and to start utilizing its potential try a few of the following tips:

1. Have a no complaint day! That's right - 24 hours without verbalizing one negative comment about anything. It is destructive talk which destroys your credibility and character. Every situation can be addressed from a positive viewpoint. That is hard to believe, but it can be achieved with practice.

2. Accept rules. Rules are meant for protection rather than restriction. This does not only apply to social rules but your employee procedure manual as well. Once you are able to see the positive protection of rules vs. the negative restrictions, you are able to capitalize on the benefits and make the rules work for you.

3. Accept "change" and view it from a positive perspective. Try these simple rut breakers. You will be amazed at how effective these "breakers" will be at allowing you to view issues differently.

• Try something new your next 5 visits to a restaurant.
• Move the furniture once a month in your family room for a year.

By putting forth a little effort to change the way we view and respond to situations, we allow creativity the opportunity to grow within us. Creativity creates a positive solution to a need or situation.

By implementing these simple techniques you can achieve new and exciting solutions to what you used to view as problems and energy drainers. Relax and have fun trying these Creativity conditioners!