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Client Comments

"Jeffrey McMullen made me laugh for the first time in four years since my accident." "My life is forever changed." These are just two of numerous comments I received after Jeffrey helped the staff and patients from our rehabilitation center celebrate National Rehabilitation week. Jeffrey indeed lead us in a celebration, a night of rejoicing in the potential of each of us to be the best we can be - and enjoy the journey.

Our audience was diverse - some with severe physical or emotional disabilities, caregivers, spouses, people with chronic pain, nurses, therapists and doctors. Despite the many different people, Jeff was able to touch each of us in a special way encouraging us to truly live and celebrate life!

Director of Rehabilitation Program
St. Elizabeth Hospital, Rehabilitation Center

Jeffrey, your "Center Ring Excellence" presentation was dynamic, motivational, inspirational and fun!

Participants fed off the enthusiasm and uplift from your program for the balance of the two-day conference.

We particularly appreciated Jeff's thoughtful, professional, efficient and very positive approach to the planning, administration, and follow-up as well.

Jeff is truly a joy to be associated with!

Vice President
The Independent Order of Foresters
Ontario, Canada

What a positive, inspiring kick-off to our employee retreat. We appreciate Jeff's ability to work in our theme of the retreat in such a fun and enjoyable way. The ratings from the case managers for Jeff's presentation were universally the highest possible score. I hope he will join us again next year!!!

The Vincam Group, Inc., Managed Care Division

When you contract with Jeffrey for a performance - believe me, his speeches literally are PERFORMANCES - you are made to feel like you are the only client he has. He is meticulous about doing his "homework." He likes to tailor his presentations to the audience. When you hire Jeffrey, he doesn't just breeze into the room 15 minutes before his presentation. He is there well in advance in order to prepare for his presentation as well as to meet and greet the people he will be working with. I've seen Jeffrey stay after presentations literally for HOURS, simply to talk to conference participants and of course the conference planning committee members.

Jeffrey does not stand behind a podium and offer memorized verbiage - he pours himself into the presentation with body language and voice intonations that don't allow an audience to "wander" even for a moment. Jeffrey commands the attention of his audience like no other speaker I've seen or hired.

Jeffrey is a gentleman. Jeffrey is extremely well-mannered and shows respect for the client. He does this not because "he knows who's writing the check"; he does it because that's his personal style.

Vice President, Communications Products and Services
Thrivent Financials

Thank you for your help in making our program a success. We appreciate the way you juggled your time to make yourself available to us on short notice and within our schedules. The extra polish and confidence you gave our presenters showed - and was noticed by our customers as well! We look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Senior Vice President, Stock Preparation Division
Voith Sulzer - Paper Technologies
North American Operations

From Jeffrey's opening comments to his closing remarks, the audience's attention was riveted. Through the use of humor and excellent content, peppered with magic and laughs, Jeffrey made his points one after the other. I believe Jeffrey's greatest ability is to create and deliver a message of self belief that transcends age, race, gender and personal differences. I highly recommend Jeffrey to you as a speaker par excellence!

Corporate Communications
Arizona Public Service