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Stop Hearing... Start Listeninig

Do you know what you're missing? If you don't listen to the people around you, important clues about your job, your family and your personal achievement will go right by you.

How many times have you missed a vital direction or instruction because you heard what your boss was saying.. but you weren't listening to what was said? How many times have you nodded amiably-and completely obliviously-while your child or spouse tried to reach you with an important bit of conversation?

Listening is an important skill that many people just never learned. Or, if they learned it at some time in their lives, they've let it become "rusty."

They hear... but they just don't listen. And that can limit potential.

In Stop Hearing... Start Listening, Jeffrey B. McMullen helps people understand the importance of listening and demonstrates simple techniques for sharpening listening skills. This 60- to 90- minute keynote presentation or half- or full-day workshop emphasizes that the ability to listen is key to gaining knowledge and personal power.

Listening For Performance

A good listener is easy to spot. He or she usually seems more organized, more "on top of things." A good listener reacts to the information flow and doesn't miss important messages. People rely on good listeners.

Jeffrey works to help create listeners who will use their skills to increase their productivity and eliminate errors. His simple exercises and easy-to-use illustrations challenge people to increase their personal potential.

Listening Takes Two

Listening is communication, the sending of a complete message from one person to another. Through listening exercises, stories and illustrations, Jeffrey helps his audiences learn how to:

• Perceive a message
• Understand a message
• Use effective listening techniques
• Be sensitive to nonverbal communication
• Understand the sender/receiver relationship
• Recognize when someone is hearing-but not listening-to their message
• Effectively transmit a message
• Practice and improve empathic listening skills

This program can be customized to meet the special needs of your company or organization!

For more information about a specially customized program to increase productivity in your organization, please contact me: