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Let Integrity Be Your Guide

Everybody has that inner voice. To increase integrity, we have to change that voice from a whisper to a shout.

We've lost track of the meaning of the word 'integrity.' Poor customer service, dishonesty, laziness, sloppy or ineffective work habits... they're all signs of a lack of integrity. Many people haven't learned to listen to themselves, to that inner voice that calls for quality and excellence.

How do you set standards? Why do you set them? Are they high enough... or do you feel sheepish about purposely setting them much lower than your capabilities?

In Let Integrity Be Your Guide, Jeffrey B. McMullen challenges audience members to think about the guiding principles in their lives. This 60- to 90-minute keynote presentation describes how integrity comes into play in everyday life, in situations ranging from business to dealing with family members.

Most importantly, he helps people understand that it is never too late to build integrity.

Applied Integrity

Integrity is one of the most important components of any business's Total Quality Management program. And it is directly tied to quality of life and personal achievement. Integrity is the foundation for feeling good about yourself and reaching goals that make sense.

Jeffrey helps audience members see the link between know they live and how they feel about their lives. He shows them how to create an integrity "tickler" plan that sets out a step-by-step program for increasing personal integrity.

Among the topics that Jeffrey highlights are:

• When is good enough... good enough?
• The value of your name and reputation
• Do we work harder when the boss is around?
• Personal satisfaction as a motivator
• Full-time attention to detail
• The five W's of integrity

Making Integrity a Habit

People can change the fundamental pattern of their lives. By creating habits that promote an awareness of integrity-or the lack or it-you can make choices about how you want to act. The trick is to know when that choice is at hand.

To help people develop this kind of sensitivity, Jeffrey shows audience members how to:

• Evaluate situations and factor in personal values
• Be hones with one's self
• Be accountable to self
• Determine the motivator in professional and personal life
• Reward one's self, feel good about personal commitment

Integrity - what's in it for me? Integrity is not its own reward. Because integrity demands personal commitment, it builds a strength and a vision that is rare today.

Jeffrey helps his audiences understand that such a strength and vision are characteristic of leaders, people who are seen as trustworthy and reliable.

Integrity makes sense. It can bring self-fulfillment as well as work place achievement!

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