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Effective Goal Setting

Planning is the foundation for achievement--there's no way around it.

From the smallest decision to the most complex commitment, if you don't know what your goals and objectives are, you're 'flying blind.'

Often, goal setting is a simple matter. There are some uncomplicated, tried- and-true techniques to make planning almost painless. Once those techniques become habits, you're well on your way to effectively handling every decision, goal or task you face.

For some people, goal setting sometimes seems tedious. I like to show them why it works...and how it can be fun!

Goal setting is a simple, quick way to organize for why is that most people just can't seem to do it?

In this program, Jeffrey B. McMullen helps audiences understand that goal setting is a vital part of a successful person's life. He uses humor, charts and worksheets to take them through a step- by-step goal-setting process the generates insight as well as laughter.

It's designed to help audiences understand the importance of goal setting while they set up a simple goal and action plan for themselves. Jeffrey discusses the difference between long-term and short-term goals, and helps participants see that the process of working toward clear goals can help stabilize activities, increase productivity levels, multiply professional and personal fulfillment, and reduce stress and frustration. This full-day workshop or 60- or 90-minute keynote presentation easily can be built around interaction between managers and employees. If you have a specific corporate program involving goal setting, and you would like this program to compliment it, simply let us know.

Focus on goals

By approaching goal setting as a step-by-step process, Jeffrey makes it easier for the members of his audiences to manage each point. He helps them:

• Understand goals, why they're needed
• Identify personal and professional goals
• Set goals
• Write an action plan
• Write goal standards and measurements
• Track progress
• Focus on the action plan
• Learn how and when to be flexible
• See the importance of self acceptance

Goals in the Business Framework

When an employees' personal and professional goals pace the employer's goals, an exciting business situation is just waiting to happen. In a customized program designed to focus on goal setting within a company, Jeffrey involves objectives from the company's program. He increases interaction among managers and employees and talks about performance goals and job responsibilities.

For more information about a specially customized program to increase productivity in your organization, please contact me: