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Keeping Your 9 to 5 Sanity

Making a living is a serious business. Unfortunately, too many people take that seriousness to heart. They let is affect their health, their outlook on life, their creativity.

The techniques of humor can help 'lighten the load'. I'm not talking about jokes or sight gags. I'm talking about enjoying life, seeing it in a positive light. Humor is a way to handle stress when it occurs. It's a way to turn stress into positive energy!

Humor takes the edge off of a bad situation and energizes a good one. Jeffrey McMullen believes that if you can learn how to see the light and humorous side of things, you can reduce your anxiety, relieve your stress and control your emotional reactions!

Let Jeffrey show your gathering how humor - a professional, businesslike and light-hearted way to look at the world - can improve attitude. (Humor is not comedy: Humor is a personal viewpoint on the life around you, while comedy is simply a way to get a laugh.)

Available as a 60-minute keynote presentation, a 90-minute hands-on program or a full-day workshop, Keeping Your 9 to 5 Sanity easily can be tailored to the special needs of your event or audience.

Rechannel your stress

Through simple role-playing exercises, guided worksheets and personal awareness tools, Jeffrey McMullen helps audiences understand the nature of stress in the workplace and how it drastically reduces productivity and quality of life.

Jeffrey shows them ways to avoid stress and how to reduce it when it happens. He shows them how to fight that stress by rechanneling stress energy into positive actions!

Humor is the key

Jeffrey shows his audience how they can use humor to:

• Reduce stress, at work and at home
• Prevent burnout
• Put situations in perspective
• Solve problems creatively
• Achieve professional/personal goals
• Increase "team spirit" within groups
• Improve self-image
• Accelerate mental and physical healing
• Cope with budget pressures

Start managing stress today!

There are some simple, proven ways to protect yourself from stress-and humor is one of the best. Let Jeffrey McMullen show your gathering how humor can give them the refreshing perspective they need. It might change their lives!

For more information about a specially customized program to increase productivity in your organization, please contact me: