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Doin' the Creativity Cha-Cha

Cut loose a little bit! Creativity isn't stifled by a business suit or routine tasks. You can make your own creative 'interlude' any time and any place... and you can make that interlude work for you.

Put some energy into your mental state, hear the music! Let your mind do the Cha-Cha for a little while! It's fun, it's creative and, best of all, it will help you feel better and work better.

For many people, life is a series of dulling routines and mind-numbing predictabilities. They've lost the energy to make their personal and work lives challenging and fun - and it's nobody's fault but their own!

Anybody can change the mental dance step they're doing. All they have to do is change the music.

Creativity Makes Business Sense

Boosting productivity and increasing efficiency are important bywords in business today. They're important tasks that demand top-slight, creative thinking, from the president's office right down to the work floor.

In Doin' The Creativity Cha-Cha, Jeffrey B. McMullen challenges audiences to make their own "creativity action plans." He shows them how creativity is a learned skill that depends on conditioning the mind. With magic, humor and some eye-opening props, Jeffrey's fast-paced program will help audiences discover the hidden power of their mental abilities.

Jeffrey's audiences learn to understand the importance of creative work environments, and how those environments facilitate team building and problem solving. This 60-minute keynote presentation or half-day workshop helps managers and workers turn their creativity loose!

Put Creativity To Work

Conditioning the mind for creativity can be an easy, step-by-step process. Jeffrey shows audiences simple ways they can energize their thinking potential and break out of creative restrictions. He will talk about:

• Being unafraid to seem naive
• Thinking big, removing the "ceilings"
• Putting a belief in yourself into action
• Examining limits and setting your own

What Is Creativity?

Jeffrey believes that creativity involves simply opening the mind, giving the conscious and unconscious a chance to "breathe." He helps audiences see the sociological hurdles to creativity as well as the self imposed obstacles that make it easier to "sit out a dance"

In his presentation, he discusses elements that increase creativity, including:

• Paving the way for good ideas
• Incubating ideas into concepts
• The importance of daydreaming
• Illumination, the 'AHA!' aspect of generating ideas
• Positive self talk

Why Loosening Up Doesn't Mean Getting Sloppy

Creativity is fun. It's exciting and energizing. And that makes some people uncomfortable. They've been taught that fun isn't productive.

Business, achievement, working hard - they don't have to be the grim, daunting tasks society has taught us they have to be. You can break out of that mental boundary. Let your mind Cha-Cha all the way to your personal fulfillment and professional success!

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